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This picture has listed the full handbag manufacturing processes of Prolongwin handbag manufacturer factory.

As a professional bag supplier, Prolongwin handbag makes sample faster, and quality is stricter. Every type of bag is more durable and valuable. It Can help our business partners obtain more profits.

Nowadays, Prolongwin handbag is growing fast. It is becoming more adept for diverse bags producing. If you have any demands, contact special email line of Prolongwin handbag(dean.hu@prolongwin.com).

1.The paper molding as per customer design

2.Cutting fabric as per paper mold

3.Stitching sample

4.Cutting fabric for mass production

5.Cutting pieces for silk screen printing

6.Silkscreen printing

7.QC printing fabric piece

8.Mass stitching production

9.Online inspection

10.Make packaging

11.Finished pieces warehouse

12.Putting goods inside the export carton

To be a better handbag partner. Prolongwin handbag factory will improve its own manufacturing techniques and quality step by step.

handbag manufacturer processes of bag producing

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